Drive – Bus – Cycle – Fly

Glenorchy is a 35-45 minute 44 kilometre scenic drive up the lake from Queenstown. The area is serviced by regular transport during the summer from the last weekend of October through till 29 April and is backed by a service with Dart River Safaris during the winter months. Private taxi companies offer transfers to Glenorchy throughout the year.

Most of the adventure activity providers offer transport from Queenstown. Combine your trips and accommodation and you won’t need to hire a rental car.

Glenorchy is also a stunning cycle ride from Queenstown and bikes can be hired from Outside Sports and gear transported separately.

Glenorchy has its own airstrip and it is possible to get to Glenorchy by fixed wing and helicopter transfer. There are other accessible landing points at Blanket Bay and close to Kinloch Lodge allowing for helicopter transfers virtually directly to your accommodation.